Dear fans of THE NEW RABBI ;-)

I am linking here the article made by jewish chronicle about my little liberal christian & jewish family that celebrates Shabbath every friday. It's an article about what it means for us to give our kids the jewish culture and tradition and mostly how we try to execute this in a daily life. 

This is something that me and my husband never would of done if it weren't for David Lazar coming to Sweden. He really changed our lifes by helping us to become more serious about judaism giving us the keys to how. This is trully part of his legacy here in Sweden. 

The talented Elisabeth Ohlsson Wallin is the photographer of these art-pieces. JK-20-3-low2jpgJK-20-3-low3jpgJK-20-3-low4jpgJK-20-3-low5jpgFRAMISDAjpg